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Articles related to this week's Bible Lesson
 Enhance your study of the Bible Lesson by reading articles chosen by our Reading Room staff to tie in with this week's topic. See the topic and articles listed below. The articles can deepen your knowledge and understanding of the events and people you read about in the Christian Science Bible Lesson. Stop by our Reading Room in downtown Laguna Beach to read these and other articles. Hours 

In the Reading Room you'll find thousands of inspiring articles and testimonies of healing in over 130 years of bound volumes, as well as free access to articles, blogs and podcasts online.  If you subscribe to JSH-Online, click on the links below.

Bible Lesson Sermon     " Matter "        March  25,  2018:
" Inseparable Companions "  by Robert Ellis Key 
Christian Science Sentinel      April 21, 1951:       Volume 53,  No. 16,  p. 681

" Earthquakes - and Praying about 'The Big One' "  by Robert Storm
Christian Science Sentinel      July 4, 2011:          Volume 113,  No. 27,  p. 6
" Protecting the River of Our Thoughts "  by J. Thomas Black
Christian Science Sentinel      July 10, 1976:        Volume 78,  No. 28,  p. 1185