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A New View of God and its Effect on Well-being
Phillip Hockley, Speaker

September 22, 2019
2:00 p.m.



Hockley, originally of Wales, UK, wrote, “When most people think about life-changing moments, they may not think of a lecture on Christian Science. That wasn’t why I attended a lecture for the first time; I didn’t expect to walk out a new person. But I found something in that lecture that was indeed life - transforming. Christian Science gave me a new view of God that I’d not had before: a view of God as Love itself, divine Love that loved me fully. I also discovered that this loving God was not the source of my troubles (which were many) but the solution to them. My life began to improve quickly after that and I became a healthy man after many years of suffering.”

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International speaker Mark Swinney is a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing.  He shares how people have found practical help in solving problems through prayer.

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