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The basis of Christmas is love loving its enemies, returning good for evil, love that “suffereth long, and is kind.”

Mary Baker Eddy, (The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany)

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Mon - Sat  9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 
Closed Sundays & holidays. 


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  • Do Bible research in a peaceful, uplifting atmosphere.
  • Read or listen to more than 100 years of first-hand accounts of healing.  
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    Featured products for December


    Mary Baker Eddy referred to the Bible as her only textbook and referenced it many times throughout her writings.

    At its core, the King James Bible inspires an understanding of God’s unfailing goodness and humanity’s innate spirituality.

    The Sterling Midsize Edition is available with or without thumb-tab indexing.  Works by Mary Baker Eddy are also available in the Sterling Midsize Edition.

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    This collection of writings shares Mary Baker Eddy’s Christmas inspiration through letters, articles, sermons, poetry, and messages to churches. Considered together with the account of Jesus’ birth from the Biblical gospels of Matthew and Luke, this inspiring collection highlights the spiritual power of Christmas to bring healing and light to humanity.

    Presented as a clothbound gift edition.  $20

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    This clothbound gift edition of Mary Baker Eddy’s only illustrated poem showcases the beauty and vivid detail of the original artwork she commissioned.
    Mary Baker Eddy was the founder of the Christian Science church and author of the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
    A prolific writer, she regarded this illustrated poem as among her most important works. About it, she wrote, "‘Christ and Christmas’ voices Christian Science through song and object-lesson."  $42.50 (hardcover)

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    This greeting card features a stained glass window from the Original Edifice of The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts, which depicts a star. The card is blank inside for your own message. The photograph is mounted on high quality card stock and includes a white envelope for each card.  $10.50 (3-pack)

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    Give the gift of JSH-Online.  Purchase 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month prepaid subscription cards for friends, family, or yourself, and access more content than ever before. 

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    Find a good selection of Bible stories for children in book and audio formats.

    Call 949-494-4503 to purchase, or visit our Reading Room in downtown Laguna Beach.

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    Featured multimedia



    From the Christian Science Monitor: "He sings in Ukraine bomb shelters and on the front"

    When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, musician Jurij Fedynskyj spent three months performing in Ukraine’s bomb shelters, refugee centers, and even near the front line. 





    From the Mary Baker Eddy Library Collections: "Christmas offerings"

    The Mary Baker Eddy Library's research work on the Mary Baker Eddy Papers project has revealed an interesting exchange that’s particularly appropriate at the holiday season. In January 1885, Mary Baker Eddy and her student Janet T. Colman talked about Christmas gifts—both material and spiritual.

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    From the Mary Baker Eddy Papers: "A notable Christmas sermon"

    On December 26, 1880, Mary Baker Eddy delivered a Christmas sermon, “The Nativity of Jesus,” at Horticultural Hall in Boston, Massachusetts . . . This sermon offered a new and radical interpretation of the life and work of Jesus . . . She also expounded here on the importance of Mary’s experience of a virgin birth and on Mary’s spiritual intuition as being essential to Jesus’s later healing mission . . .

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    Documentary about the Founder of Christian Science from the Longyear Museum

    Mary Baker Eddy’s life stands as a remarkable story of courage and triumph against tremendous odds.




    Monthly podcast from the Mary Baker Eddy Library: "Mary Baker Eddy, corresponding across family divides"

    How did Mary Baker Eddy confront significant geographical, cultural, religious, and educational divides in her relations with cherished family members? Letters and other documents in the Library’s collections provide windows into understanding the concerns Eddy had, for example, for her grandchildren—they lived at a great distance and were, she felt, deprived of good education. Mike Davis, senior research archivist at The Mary Baker Eddy Library, joins the podcast to showcase correspondence revealing what was at stake for Eddy as a mother, a grandmother, and a sister-in-law.


    Articles relating to this week's Bible Lesson


    You are invited to stop by or visit this website each week to read articles chosen by our Reading Room staff that relate to the current week's Bible Lesson. 

    The librarians can also direct you to online resources at in support of your Bible study.



    Other publications available to read or purchase

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    Christian Science Bible Lessons
    (weekly, monthly or quarterly)

    The Christian Science Sentinel (weekly)
    includes lecture notices

    The Herald of Christian Science (monthly or quarterly) in many languages

    The Christian Science Journal (monthly)
    includes a directory of churches.

    The Christian Science Monitor, available in daily, weekly, and monthly editions.  Digital and print.

    Your Daily Lift, (weekdays) a free
    2-minute podcast




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