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Sharing Christian Science in Laguna Beach, CA

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Weekly calendar of events


Join us for Annual Meeting of The Mother Church



"Joy in the Living Church"

June 3 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time.

You're invited to a watch party. Gather with friends and your local church family to watch Annual Meeting online together.

The meeting will be streamed live from our Reading Room on 284 Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna Beach.  Please join us! 

Doors will open at 9:30 a.m.

Upcoming lecture

To be announced.

A lecture is a public talk by members of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship who explore questions, such as "How does prayer heal?" and "Why does spiritual healing matter in today's high-tech world?" and they explain Christian Science, to all kinds of audiences. Everyone is welcome. 


Listen to a Sentinel Watch podcast



"This book healed me: The Bible"

With Mary Alice Rose

May 27 to June 2

The Bible is more than just a historical record. It’s a relevant, practical, and healing book. This week’s guest, Mary Alice Rose, shares how a spiritual understanding of the Bible has inspired and healed her.


Watch a Christian Science lecture

"Christian Science - A clearer view of you"

Speaker, Lyle Young

November 2021
Click on the frame in the lower right corner of the video to view the video full screen.

"A new view of God and its effect on well-being"

Speaker, Phillip Hockley

November 2020
Click on the frame in the lower right corner of the video to view the video full screen.


Listen to the monthly podcast from the Mary Baker Eddy Library



Cherishing her Congregational roots—Mary Baker Eddy and the Boutons

May 1, 2024

This month the Mary Baker Eddy Library staff looks at the impact Mary Baker Eddy’s early religious formation had on her teachings, as well as on her leadership of the Christian Science church. Raised in New Hampshire, Eddy received religious instruction from some of the state’s most prominent ministers. That included the Reverend Nathaniel Bouton, pastor of its largest Congregational church, located in the capital city of Concord. Eddy Bouton’s influence was profound, both in terms of his Christian character and his erudition. . . As the library's guest speaker indicates, Bouton deserves recognition as “a vital part of the history of Christian Science.”


Watch a video introduction to The Christian Science Monitor


"Introducing The Christian Science Monitor"

A short video hosted by Editor, Mark Sappenfield


Listen to a discussion on climate change

"The climate generation -- born into crisis, building solutions"

January 25, 2024

The Christian Science Monitor produced this live panel discussion about its recent series on climate ideas from a generation born since 1989 – “the climate generation.”


Catch up on a recent Monitor series



"Rebuilding trust"

Where is trust most needed? How can it be learned? Explore how people worldwide are navigating times of mistrust and discover how we can begin to build trust in each other.

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